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Coachella Valley Bankruptcy

After the 2009 “Construction Crash” and ALL the prevailing harsh financial factors, I worked hard to save my business, home, savings, and marriage … even my friends!

As a result of horrific economy and the subsequent harsh aftermath from 2009 and beyond: (1) I sold my business and nearly “broke even,” (2) I sold my home in a ‘short sale’, (3) I used by savings to make payroll and paid my long time creditors, (4) And, I nearly divorced my spouse due to all the financial and emotional turmoil – not to mention my friends that were in some way effected by me being disconnected by being so consumed over debt. Moreover, I tried moving from the Desert to a new area with a new job.

As it turns out, the move was disastrous: short time work, then unemployed, then emotionally distraught and extremely depressed! I was never unemployed. I wound up taking any job just to pay the bills … I had never been in such a financial and emotional pit!

As things unfolded, I landed back home in the Desert. I realized quickly that I could not keep up with my debt. Both my Wife and I took two jobs. But, between the taxes I owed, the debt accrued and being denied of unemployment – we just could not get ahead. In addition, we hardly ever saw each other because we worked so much – our pride got the best of something that had us so bound and heart wrenched to evade bankruptcy, to no avail.

After many phone calls, worry, stress, loss of sleep, emotional pain and the IRS and State letters that constantly hit our mail box, we decided to finally see someone. That someone was the Gartland Group!

I chose Gartland because I constantly heard Bernie’s voice on the radio. Bernie’s approach: light hearted and simple … user friendly!

When I arrived at the Gartland office, I was assigned to a couple of attorneys, Eric and Tim. Tim is the one that took my case because Eric relocated due to a family situation.

When I sat down with Tim, I felt that my worries and troubles were immediately managed. I felt like I was at home and it was time to build a new house. Tim really took his time with us. Tim was warm …Tim was open. Tim listened. Tim was kind. Tim was always there when we had questions. Tim’s approach to our challenges made us both feel that there was a new “fresh start”- “a life anew”  Never once did Tim make us feel bad about the ABSOLUTE MESS that we were in – he shared stories of his challenges and merely indicated that there were many people in the same situation. We did not feel alone … I even got to meet legendary Bernie Gartland – what a nice and pleasant man … In short, from start to finish our bankruptcy took a couple months.

To this day, I am back on my feet both financially and emotionally; I really want to thank the Gartland Law Group and especially Tim for all that he did for us!

If your personal or business affairs are leading you to financial and emotional pain – I highly recommend Tim and his Team … the minute you meet Gartland, your worries will begin to vanish.