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Coachella Valley Bankruptcy

We are eternally grateful to Tim Huyck and The Gartland Group for their expertise in helping us navigate through our bankruptcy.  


When we walked into their office, we were facing over $150,000 in debt obtained by our business, but taken out in our name.  We were afraid and didn't even know where to start.  Mr. Huyck and the staff at Gartland were great.  They were on top of all communication with us and the court.  When we initially went to our creditor meeting, we were knocked off our feet by the Chapter 13 Trustee.  Mr. Huyck walked us through our options and later went back to court to take care of us.  We ended up dismissing our case, as it wasn't what we had expected and Mr. Huyck and The Gartland Group continued to guide us through the next process.  Our second round at bankruptcy was much more positive and we resolved our situation.


Since the creditor meeting, Mr. Huyck has continued to advise and help us, if something has come up from our case.  Although it will take some time to recover from our bankruptcy, we feel very taken care of by Mr. Huyck and The Gartland Group and know that if we need further assistance, we can contact them as needed.