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Coachella Valley Bankruptcy

Due to a family tragedy, all bills were put on the back burner. When the collection calls started coming in, I felt like I had let down my family; drowning in over $100,000 of debt (2 vehicles, personal loans, credit cards) and not even knowing how to begin to deal with it. I heard about the Gartland Group on the radio and called and set an appointment for a consultation. All the staff was more than accommodating. No one made you feel uncomfortable or like a failure. During the consultation, a plan was laid out for a chapter 7 bankruptcy. I was a bit apprehensive, but was reassured a bankruptcy wasn't the end of the world. The Gartland Group walked me through all the steps and answered all my questions, and believe me there were a lot. After the meeting of creditors, I felt a gigantic weight lifted from my shoulders and felt like I could breathe again and be there for my family. All I can say is a big thank you to everyone at the Gartland Group.

A.E., Yucca Valley, California